Invest and succeed

8 years of successful asset management in
European and Asia markets guarantee
effective management of your capital

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Online lending secured by
your investment funds

Getting a loan quickly and on  terms acceptable to you

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Open financial policy

Convenient and functional personal account and
full statistics on your financial activities

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Become a business partner

 Attracted partners allow you to make
the investment business a key source of your profit

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Business with UNI Capital Group is Reliable and Profitable

Our reliability is confirmed by the following facts:

Over 8 years of experience in the financial investment market

Own consulting offices in 12 countries in Europe and Asia

The capital of the company is more than 10 million euro

Own team of financial brokers

EU finance license to work on cryptocurrency exchanges

Our knowledge, experience and capabilities will allow us to become a reliable partner for you and increase your capital.
Join us and get all the business opportunities!

  • We do business with individuals and legal entities
  • Bonus programs for partners and clients
  • The possibility of lending on the security of your investment capital
  • Issue own debit cards

We offer

But only you decide how to increase your capital.


Individual Investment Account

You open an investment account according to one of two programs for accumulating and depositing savings and making high profit from investments.


The ability to build your own business

We provide each investor with ready-made technology, knowledge and a tool to start their own business in the investment market and regulate their earnings to work from anywhere in the world.


Cryptocurrency Account Management

Convenient personal account management functionality allows you to track the history of operations on investment, operational and credit accounts.


Wealth management

We will become your intermediary in the world of finance, help circumvent investment and margin risks, and form an investment strategy based on your key goals.


Trading on European exchanges

The objects of investment are companies on European exchanges. Analysts and traders with many years of experience and a decent reputation are working on the selection of assets in.


Investing in big projects

Investing in companies with high margins based on fundamental market analysis and a strategy for effectively entering and exiting positions on selected securities.


Stock Market Transactions

We use our experience and capabilities to conduct operations with shares on the stock and over-the-counter markets.


Structural Products

A wide range of individual products, in accordance with the needs of each client: hedging currency risks, optimizing the loan portfolio, improving the structure of revenue and expenses, etc.


Bond market operations

We accompany operations on local bonds and Eurobonds, we use an individual approach to the formation of each investment portfolio.


UNI Capital Group in performance

  • 8

    in global financial investments

  • 10
    million €


  • 12
    representative offices

    in  European Union and the CIS

  • 1008

    on international exchanges for 2018

  • 6000

    in the EU and the CIS

  • 105

    were implemented in 2018

Welcome to UNI Capital Group

UNI CAPITAL GROUP specializes in investment projects, on managing private capital on behalf of large investors from different countries.

Our idea is to attract private capital to the capital of the management company in order to increase the financial volume for participation in large investment projects in various sectors of the world economy. Namely, exchange trading, construction, manufacturing, real estate, information technology.

We give an opportunity to become our partner and take part in international investment projects, build your business with us. And the most important thing is a guaranteed monthly income and a career and material growth program.

Our partners

Our contacts
South Point Business Center, Vyskočilova 1566, Michle, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic