5 February 2021

The International Business Seminar in Antalya 2021 has ended! 

It was a grand event organized by UNI Capital Group for its partners, counselors and guests. Our colleagues from the CIS and European countries took part in it. Despite the quarantine and other obstacles, we brought our partners together for these 5 memorable days! 

And now we want to share with you these vivid memories and emotions that will remain with us for a long time. 
The business seminar was held from 21.01.2021 to 26.01.2021 in an atmosphere of exclusive luxury on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This year's choice fell on Gloria Golf Resort, a five-star luxury resort in Antalya. The hotel has the largest territory in the region and ranked eighth in the top 100 golf hotels in Europe. 
These few days were full of communication, useful information, insights and emotions that helped all participants to reboot and juice up. 

On the first day of our acquaintance, after dinner, everyone gathered for a casual conversation over a cocktail. 

The second day of the International Business Seminar was incredibly rich, interesting and full of impressions. 
In the first half of the day, a meeting of the holding's leaders and regional directors took place. 

After lunch, the main program of the seminar started. It was opened by the General Director of the UNI Capital Group holding Artyom Baboglo with a presentation of the holding. He told about himself, about the holding and its structure, new branches and companies that became part of the holding in 2020, as well as about strategic partners. 

Despite the geopolitical situation in the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, UCG's turnover amounted to more than 80.7 million euros in 2020. In addition, the General Director shared his plans to create a unified financial ecosystem and the holding's development strategy for 2021-2024. 
Thanks to the single financial ecosystem, our partners and clients will be able to use all services of the companies included in the holding, as well as third-party services. We are talking about the collaboration of investment projects, trading platforms, financial instruments, the introduction of UCG payment cards, the creation of our own payment system, the opening of payment terminals network in the CIS and Europe. And also it is the creation of a Banking structure, which will become part of the UNI Capital Group holding

Next was the Head of the Trading Department Sergey Petrov, who made a presentation “Financial Markets Analysis 2020 - Forecasts for 2021”. He spoke about the events that affected the financial markets in 2020, about the current trends and sentiments in the markets. Also he gave a detailed analysis of the financial markets for 2021, and answered questions from the audience. 

The next speaker was the Executive Director of UCG Pottinga Evgeniy, presenting the financial report of the holding's activities for 2020, as well as the financial report on UNI SKY investment products. 
He did not just share the holding's successes, but presented a full report on the holding's financial results. During his speech, he told about the investment policy of UCG, provided a detailed annual financial report on the UNI Sky product, including showing the turnover on operations and the net profit of investors, explaining why such positive results were achieved in 2020. 
This speech caused a turbulent response and approval from the audience, because the management of the holding shared information that is not customary to disclose in the network business. 

The next day started with an acquaintance with the new Fintech project of the holding. The head of Fintech projects Anastasia Zhurkina presented to the guests a modern platform for cryptocurrencies trading and exchanging  - UNI Stex . It was her debut as a speaker, but the performance turned out to be very interesting and lively, since Anastasia directly supervised this project at all stages of its implementation. 
UNI Stex provides wide opportunities for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, including SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers, debit and credit cards, various payment systems and cryptocurrencies. The platform allows you to use the most popular and innovative functionality for trading, create your own cryptocurrency wallet and perform fast transactions. 

After that  the presentation of another successful project - the UNI Markets trading platform followed. It was held by the Head of the Trading Department Sergey Petrov. The project has combined the experience, knowledge and competencies of all traders and analysts of the holding, becoming a unique product that allows to realize the trading potential by 100%. The main difference between UNI Markets and conventional services is that the best traders, analysts, market experts train and advise our clients 24/7. The platform offers unique support, including life training, forecasts, analytics, trading signals and recommendations. This is invaluable information for both beginners and pros. 

The next speaker of the seminar was another debutant - Counselor of the holding in the Republic of Belarus Idrisov Ruslan. He told the audience about the investment product UNI SKY. 
It includes a range of investment, banking, insurance, pension products and offers. The advantages of the SKY investment product are: predicted yield on packages up to 40% per annum, monthly dividends, diversification of investments, any types of bank transfers, payments in cryptocurrency, withdrawals 24/7. 

Head of the Kazakhstan region, Aliya Katkenova made a presentation on the opportunities and advantages of building a successful career and own business in the international holding UNI Capital Group. 

Dinara Isaeva, a representative of our guests, the Halyk insurance company, finished this busy day. She spoke about the benefits of the insurance program. 

The fourth day of our International Business Seminar was no less intense and interesting. It was opened by the speaker Dmitry Buzovsky. He is an incredibly talented business coach from Kiev. 
Dmitry held an interesting master class on the mastery of public speaking, keeping the attention of the audience from start to finish. 

The next master class on Business Technology was held by the Official Representative of UNI Capital Group holding in Yekaterinburg, Daniil Utyansky. He shared with the audience his best practices and the author's methodology created during 8 years of business activity. His speech received a lively response from the seminar participants, they asked a lot of questions and wanted to take part in his closed training for directors. 

A master class on legal literacy from the Head of the Business Development and Marketing Department of UCG Holding Vladimir Petrakin became interesting and useful for partners in future communication with clients. He spoke about the types of modern financial pyramids, how to recognize them and how not to become a victim of scammers. During the presentation, using examples, he revealed to the audience direct and indirect signs of financial pyramids. Also he told how unscrupulous companies avoid responsibility, deliberately bypassing the laws when concluding agreements with a client. 

The fifth day was devoted to rest, free time, shopping and excursions. In the evening, the guests of the Conference took part in a gorgeous gala dinner, at which the General Director of UNI Capital Group Artyom Baboglo and the Executive Director of UCG Pottinga Evgeniy held their speeches. 
During the musical interlude our colleague and partner from r. Belarus - Dmitry Vilk performed his original songs. We are glad that our team has such talented and versatile people.

At the gala dinner, the merits of the following colleagues were noted: 
  • Official representatives of the UNI Capital Group holding in Russia, Yekaterinburg, Daniil Utyansky and Maria Krivonogova received the  award “Breakthrough of the Year in Sales 2020”. 
  • They were also awarded a high status award - the Golden Badges of Directors of UNI Capital Group. 
  • The head of the region of Kazakhstan, Alia Katkenova, was awarded the nomination "The largest partner network 2020". 
  • Head of the region of Belarus Tatiana Perekhodko was awarded the nomination "Top personal sales 2020". 
  • Also, for services to the holding, Aliya and Tatiana were presented with iconic gifts - branded IPADs PRO of the latest model. 

After the awards ceremony, the gala dinner continued in a less formal setting. The guests had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner, relax, discuss their favorite performances over a cocktail and share their emotions. 
It was an incredibly bright conclusion to the UCG 2021 International Business Seminar! 

We would like to thank all the speakers, participants, guests and organizers of this grand event. During these 5 days there were many interesting cases, but the most important thing is that we were finally able to meet and communicate with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. We hope it was a great start for another successful year in the history of the holding! 
See you all next time!