20 February 2021
On February 13, Minsk hosted an important conference for UCG. Within the event the UNI Capital Group International Holding and UNI SKY investment products were presented to the guests.
The luxurious conference hall of the Belarus Hotel was chosen as the venue. 

The program of the event included: 
Presentation of the holding, its history, geography and structure. 
Acquaintance with SKY investment products, the prospects for creating passive sources of income and the benefits of complex investment, banking, insurance and pension offers. 

UCG Counselors who were the speakers at the conference: 
  • Idrisov Ruslan 
  • Yurakhno Valentina 
  • Pogonina Maria
  • Prokopovich Alexander 
  • Raenok Elena 

Also on this day, the following Counselors were awarded with diplomas “For the development of UNI Capital Group holding on the territory of the Republic of Belarus”: 
  • Migun Alexey 
  • Loktik Igor 
  • Wilk Dmitry 
  • Raenok Elena 
  • Olga Zherko 
  • Svetlana Shafranovich 
  • Chebotar Angelika 
  • Dobysh Olga 
  • Martinchik Lubov
  • Savan Alla 
  • Savchuk Vladislav 
  • Podbereznaya Tatiana 
  • Yurakhno Valentina 
  • Idrisov Ruslan 
  • Pogonina Maria 
  • Tsiuhai Dmitry 

The highest level of the held conference shows how intensively and successfully our holding is developing today in the region of Belarus. We would like to thank all the participants, speakers and organizers of the conference, as well as to congratulate the awarded Counselors!