UNI Capital Group holding developing its business in Europe and other countries. The holding consolidated companies specialized in asset management, investment portfolios, securities brokerage, consulting and information technology. One of the key areas of the Holding is Private Asset Management 

Financial Holding
established by merging assets

Holding company
UNI CAPITAL GROUP LTD - founded in 2012 in London, UK. The company's business area is private asset management on behalf of big investors from different countries. In 2016, UNI CAPITAL GROUP LTD took over the functions of administration, coordination, strategic planning and development of holding companies.
Investment company
The key activity of the company: asset management of funds, securities and investment portfolios. As a part of the holding, the company took over the functions of depositing, forecasting and evaluation of investments, portfolio management and trading on crypto exchanges.

Holding strategy

Strategic priorities

  • Asset management, marketing and fundraising for investment projects in Europe and Asia
  • International partnerships and implementation of innovative global experience.
  • Engaging in forming and improving the efficiency of key elements of the market ecosystem
  • Structuring and diversification of investments
  • Achieve synergy in assets

Key values

  • Leadership
  • Professionality
  • Social responsibility
  • Innovative mind
  • Young talents

Our strengths

  • A quality portfolio of assets
  • Great experience in private asset management in Europe
  • Unique partnership relations with international companies in different economic sectors

Company history


UNI CAPITAL GROUP LTD founded in 2012 in London, one of the most important financial and business centers in the world.

The main activity is the administration of private and commercial capital, investment in the promising sectors of the global economy.


UNI CAPITAL GROUP LTD launch a new business direction, private asset management.