The company founded in 2012 in London, UK. The company’s headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic. You can find more detailed information about the company in the section "About the company".

First, London is one of the largest financial centers in the world. Secondly, the registration of a company in the UK opens up a lot of commercial opportunities, as many companies in the financial and investment market are fundamentally ready to work only with English companies.

All documents are in the public domain. If some activity requires separate licensing, then we act through our partners. All documents and company certificates that can be made publicly available are presented in the Company Documents section.

At the company's regular reporting meetings, all data on investment activity, as well as data on the investment policy of the company, are provided. You can also find additional information in your account in the section "Finance" => "Investment policy".

That the funds indicated for the transfer are free from claims of third parties and are received legally. And at the request of the company at any time, this information can be documented. As well as the necessary taxes paid by the country provided by the country of which you are a citizen. As a user of the company’s website and system, you will absolve the company from liability if the data provided on the funds will bear the traces of a violation of the AML policy and take full responsibility for any such violation, according to the AML law policy, to yourself.

- Commission for managing a personal account: 0.083% per month of the amount that is on the account.
- Company commission: 20% of the net profit per month that the client received on his personal account.
- Activation fee: 50 EUR (charged once upon activation of the account).

Agio - an brokerage commission for working with your assets.
Agio is charged at a rate of 6% of the contract amount.

For the convenience of our investors and partners, we have developed the FinLab online system, which allows you to track the financial performance of your own investments, deposit and withdraw funds, track foreign currency and credit accounts, and make instant internal transfers of funds.

Before activating a personal account, you must provide high-quality scanned copies of your documents and signed contracts.

After registration, each client has 7 calendar days to provide all the necessary documents and 7 calendar days for transferring funds to his account.

If you are unable to enter your personal account, make sure that you enter your data correctly and that there are no extraneous characters in the fields.
You can also use the password recovery function. If this does not help, then contact the support team at [email protected] in writing.
You will find all information on the documents in the section "Profile" => "Verification" in the side menu of your personal account. For additional questions, please contact the customer support department at [email protected]
Indication of a trustee in the system is a voluntary decision of each client. In an unforeseen situation, the owner of a personal account can be sure in advance that the system will be transferred to the specified trustee.

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