User agreement

UNI Capital Group holding represented by Mr. ARTIOM BABOGLO, acting on the basis of the Articles of Incorporation, hereby invites any legally capable physical person who has an access to the Internet, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, to accept this User Agreement on the following:

1. Used terms and definitions

The capitalized terms used in the Agreement and set forth herein shall have the following meanings:

1.1. The Agreement shall mean the User Agreement;

1.2. The Information services (Service) shall mean the services specified in clause 2.1 herein;

1.3. The Internet shall mean a global system of interconnected computer public networks;

1.4. The Website shall mean an Internet site with the name

1.5. The Parties shall mean the Holding and the Client under this Agreement.

2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The Holding undertakes to provide the Client with the Service, which includes:

- The initial registration form of the Client on the Website, which the Client fills during his registration for opportunity of further collaboration;

 - the Back Office temporarily created to inform the Client on the products and services of the Holding and its partners using the contact information provided by the Client when contacting via the Website (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.);

2.2. The Holding has the right at any time and in the manner prescribed by clauses 9.1- 9.2 of this Agreement, to amend the list and scope of Services and/or products (to introduce new types of Services and/or products, to exclude certain types of Services and/or products, and otherwise amend the list and scope of Services and/or products).

2.3. The Client guarantees the accuracy and affiliation to him of all the data he has provided both, during and after the registration, and during the provision of the Services under this Agreement, as well as guarantees the absence of restrictions on the use of the specified contact details and means of communication. The Client has no right to indicate on the Website the information and data that belongs to or identifies third parties.

3. Deadline terms

3.1. The Services are provided in compliance with the deadlines specified in this clause, during which the Client has legitimate access to the Internet and the Website, while the Holding has the legitimate opportunity to provide the Services.

3.2. With due allowance for the provisions of clause 6.1 of this Agreement (the gratuitous providing of the Services) the Holding can at any time refuse to execute this Agreement, as well as to suspend the provision of the Services, which shall not be considered as an illegal action on its part and cannot be the basis for collecting any penalty charges from it.

3.3. The access to the Website and Back Office is temporary. After the Client receives an SMS and/or an email with a temporary password, the Back Office must be verified through the Holding’s consultant. From the moment of such verification, the Client must provide the documents specified in the Back Office within 7 (seven) business days. The verification is considered to be completed after the consultant approves all the documents. If the Client didn’t provide the required documents after the expiry of 7 (seven) business days, the Back Office will be blocked and deleted.

3.4. If the Client is registered within the term specified in clause 3.3, the Client gets the access to his Back Office and can use the Services and products of the Holding.

3.5. The access to the Back Office is valid within 7 (seven) business days from the date of verification. During this period, the Client can get acquainted with the Information about the Services and/or products, and to make a decision on receiving the Services and/or purchasing the products, and on concluding the corresponding agreements under the selected Services and/or products.

3.6. In case of expiration of the period specified above in clause 3.5, the Client who didn’t select the Service and/or the products will be refused in access to the Back Office, his registration data will be deleted from the system and the Back Office will be canceled.

4. The agreement acceptance order

4.1. The User Agreement acceptance is made by the Client and is expressed in the following actions:

- filling of the initial registration form of the Client;

- receipt of access in accordance with clause 3.3;

- provision of all documents required for verification;

- familiarization with this Agreement and its acceptance by compliance with its terms, and its signing on paper.

With each subsequent action stipulated in this clause, the Client confirms the completion of the previous action.

If the compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement is not confirmed, the User Agreement shall be considered unaccepted by the Client.

4.2. The Agreement is considered to be accepted from the moment the Client completes all actions listed above in clause 4.1 herein.

5. Restrictions of the user agreement

5.1. The scope of offers contained herein and the possibility of providing the Services, depend on the procedure and conditions for access to the Internet, the equipment and software used by the Client, and the network carrier that provides the Client with Internet access services. The Client has no right to make any claims to the Holding in connection with the impossibility of receiving the Services, including in connection with the actions/inaction of the network carrier, as well as the equipment and software used by the Client.

5.2. Under this Agreement, the Client may receive only those Services which are provided for by the Agreement in the relevant period of time. The Holding under this Agreement is not liable to provide any other services to the Client.

5.3. This Agreement contains only one offer for one Client.

5.4. The Client understands and agrees that the provision of the Services is conditioned upon availability of technical capabilities at the Holding, the Internet’s operability and is also limited by the requirements of the current law. In this regard, the Holding may establish conditions and restrictions for the use and provision of the Services, for which reason there may be restrictions in the provision of the Services and impossibility to provide them.

6. Financial terms and conditions

6.1. The Services specified in clause 2.1 herein are provided to the Client without the payment (free of charge).

6.2. The corresponding network carriers may charge from the Client the payment for communication services required for receiving the Holding’s Services (including, but not limited to, the access to the Internet). The cost of such communication services is paid by the Client independently, at his discretion and at his own expense. The Client must check with the appropriate operator the necessity to pay for communication services, their cost and payment procedure.

7. Responsibility under the agreement

7.1. If the Client violates the guarantees stipulated herein in clause 2.3, he must compensate the Holding all losses incurred in connection with such violation, including, but not limited to, the reputational damages, as well as the amount of penalty charges brought against the Holding by third parties, including the authorized government bodies.

7.2. If the Client violates clause 11.1 of this Agreement, he must compensate the Holding all losses caused by such violation, and also to pay a penalty charge equal to 10% (ten percent) of the amount of such losses.

7.3. The Holding is not responsible for the actions of the Client committed using the information received in a result of the Services providing.

7.4. The Parties shall not be held liable for the failure to perform or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement if the fulfillment of obligations of the Parties was prevented by force majeure circumstances, which include, but are not limited to: military operations, mass riots, natural disasters, strikes, decisions of state and local public authorities and administrations, failures of software and hardware tools and communication channels, termination, suspension of settlement, trading, depository and other operations performed by organizations engaged in/organizing tenders, settlements and other operations, as well as other organizations associated with them.

8. Documents’ forms and types

8.1. The Parties acknowledge that the electronic documents (i.e. documents received through electronic communication channels, including the documents received via the Website) have the same legal force as the documents executed in a simple written form. The Parties acknowledge the validity of signatures on electronic documents used on the Website.

9. Amendments to this agreement

9.1. Amendments (supplements) to this Agreement shall be made unilaterally by the Holding with the notice to the Client made on the Website.

9.2. All amendments (supplements) made by the Holding come into force and become binding on the Parties immediately from the moment they are published on the Website. If the Client does not starkly express his disagreement with the amended terms, the Agreement will be valid for the Parties in amended form. The Client’s starkly expressed disagreement with the amendments to this Agreement is considered to be the unilateral refusal of the Client to execute this Agreement, and in this case the registration of the Client and/or his further collaboration with the Holding shall be impossible.

10. Settlement of disputes

10.1. All the disputes or differences which may arise out of this Agreement or in connection with it must be resolved by the Parties in the course of mandatory pre-court dispute settlement procedure.

10.2. The Party that has received the claim must respond within 30 (thirty) business days from the day of its receipt.

10.3. If the disputeis not resolved in the course of pre-court dispute settlement procedure, it shall be reviewed in the Court of London.

11. Other terms and conditions

11.1. The Client has the right to use, to store and to process information and materials received while providing the Holding’s Services only for his own needs, not related to providing the services to third parties and business activities. Such information and materials cannot be posted on the Internet sites and websites of third parties, as well as transferred in any form and by any means.

11.2. The Client understands and agrees that the Services will be provided by the Holding using the Client’s personal data specified by him when applying for services, including email addresses, phone numbers, other contact details and other personal data of the Client. Thus, the use of the Client’s personal data will be carried out by the Holding in order to fulfill this Agreement.

11.3. This Agreement is valid only until the Client receives the Services specified in clause 3.5 herein. Then, after the receipt of the Services and/or products of the Holding, the relations between the Client and the Holding shall be governed by other agreements and contracts.

11.4. All correspondence between the Parties hereto should be made in Russian or English languages.

11.5 This Agreement is made in Russian and English, and the Client guarantees that he understands one of these two languages, he has read it carefully, understood it and agrees with it. The priority is given to the English version.